Day 4

MLK Day!  The day of activities and workshops relating to Dr. King and how he impacted history.  The day kicked off with an assembly where we watched two amazing musical performances from a rock band and also the jazz band.  There was also the first half of a really moving documentary about everything that happened in Birmingham, Alabama.  I honestly had a moment of guilt for forgetting the full importance of MLK day, and everything that went on during that time, so the documentary brought back everything I learned in elementary school.  The children participating in the march and having the courage to go to jail, and the incident with the Birmingham Police seriously injuring the protesters with fire hoses… It is so horrible and yet many people have forgotten.  

Putney believes not only in talking about what you believe, but also in DOING. So, in the spirit of MLK and the bravery it takes to stand up for what you believe, we all went out and DID something.  My group, Guerrilla singing, decided to share our voices with the local people of Brattleboro.  We visited two nursing homes and two grocery stores.  The elderly at the nursing homes had tears in their eyes as they sang “5 Hundred Miles”, “If I Had A Hammer”, “Wade In The Water”, and “Freedom” along with us.  At the grocery store we “flash mobbed” the shoppers, which was a lot of fun.  What we did was enter the stores and walk around, pretending to look at food and spread out over the shop.  Then someone would start the singing and everyone would join in, surprising the shoppers.  Many people stopped to listen to our short performance and really enjoyed it.  It felt amazing to bring happiness to people, even though I did not know them personally. 



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