Day 5!

Time has been flying by, it’s crazy!  I am really enjoying my time here, and each day there have been less and less unfamiliar faces.  The weather was very cold, so I found myself running to and from each building to minimize time spent freezing my hands and face.  I had my first English and Spanish class since my arrival, and I really enjoyed the teachers and how the class was structured.  

In English class we began reading a book called Bread Givers, and so far it has been an interesting and fun to read book.  We also watched part of an Ellis Island documentary and discussed how you could define the word faith.  After lunch, I had Spanish class.  The structure of this class was very different from Spanish class at the Academy.  Abe (our teacher) is from Mexico and during class with him he only speaks in Spanish, and he speaks very fast.  At the beginning of each class, he shows us all a Spanish song (the genre changes each day) and then we go over a few conversational phrases.  The class is full of positive energy and we have a lot of fun discussing the culture of Mexico and other Latin American countries. 

My third class of the day, Farm Work with Pete, involved helping out when the vet came to check if 6 of the cows were pregnant.  Luckily they all were, and then we spent the rest of the block shoveling sawdust and preparing for a chilly week.  

My favorite part of the day: I went down to the Puddle during afternoon blocks and we played a game of 3 vs. 4 pond hockey.  It was my first time playing hockey and I had a blast!  My team lost, but we weren’t far behind, and I scored two of our points.  It was a great way to end the day!


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