Day 6 & 7

Day six was a fairly normal day at Putney.  I had all of my classes, and I had some free time to be able to play the piano and practice guitar.  There was also time in the afternoon to take a shuttle into the center of Putney to buy food at the General Store.  My friends and I bought cookie dough to bake later that night, but we ended up eating it all on the bus ride back to school.  Then I hung out in the Field House, which is a really neat building on campus.  It is a ‘net zero’ building, meaning that it creates just as much or more energy than it uses.  Inside of it is a basketball court, rock climbing wall, weight room, and foosball tables.  

Day 7

Yesterday was my 7th day here! I still can’t believe how fast time is flying by.  The day started off with barn chores as usual, though unfortunately I felt slightly sick and as though I was coming down with a cold.  After barn and a delicious pancake breakfast, my Spanish class had a very interesting and controversial discussion on the topic of immigration, and the law Arizona has about racial profiling.  We watched some very interesting video clips about both topics, and I learned a lot about how the US has been dealing with it. 

The rest of the day I spent resting and getting ahead on homework, and then later that evening I had a really fun guitar jam session with a girl who lives in my dorm house.  We put on a show for all the other girls and everyone was enjoying themselves.  


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