The Past Few Days..

Unfortunately, I have come down with a cold.  The past few days have been spent drinking tea, going to classes, and trying to get better.  I have decided to include in this one post some of the highlights of my past few days rather than write individual posts for each day. 

  • Sing! – Every Thursday morning the entire school gathers for Sing, which, self explanatorily involves singing songs.  The Putney School has its own song book which includes many different gospel, folk, traditional, and cultural songs.  We split up the room by Sopranos, Altos, and Tenors/Basses, and then we jump into whatever songs people wish to sing, or whatever the chorus director chooses.  I had so much fun, and I was blown away by how neat it is to have 230 students plus the faculty all singing at once. 
  • Signed up for Ice Climbing: Every weekend, there are a variety of different activities to sign up for and participate in.  One activity in particular caught my interest, Ice Climbing.  It involves putting on harness, and using spikes to climb up rocks covered in ice.  The group will be leaving tomorrow morning at 9:30, and we will return a little before 5.  I am so excited! I can’t wait!
  • This isn’t so much a fun activity, but I still think it is important.  Yesterday with the help of my friend Maddi, we washed the entire milk room from ceiling to floor.  We were preparing for the future visit of a milk inspector who would be checking for cleanliness in the Putney School’s cow barn, and we just wanted to make sure everything would be extra shiny and clean.  

I will be posting pictures of ice climbing tomorrow, and hopefully I will get over my cold so that I can participate in more activities before I depart for home next week.


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