Monday and Tuesday (Days 12 & 13)

After a long day of ice climbing on Sunday, I woke up on Monday feeling tired and more sick than I had the week before.  I took the day easy, checking in at the Health office to get a new cup of throat tea and more cough drops.  Putney’s Health office is such a wonderful and inviting place to go whenever you feel sick or need to be taken care of.  They have every kind of tea imaginable, and many herbal remedies if you don’t want to take Tylenol or other drugs.  We can also go to the Health office to rest, talk with a therapist, or get a massage.  The nurses are so kind, some people stop by just to sit on the couch and visit.

I spent Monday going to classes, and trying to catch up on work that is being assigned at home. I spent some time with my friends, played a game of foosball, and then went to bed earlier than usual so I would feel better in the morning. 


It was extremely hard to drag myself out of bed for barn chores this morning.  By the time I got out of bed and had my barn clothes on, I thought I would be late.  So I sprinted the approximately half mile walk down to the barn, and luckily, made it on time.  We did the usual chores, shoveling manure out of the gutters, feeding the cows both grain and round bale hay, milking the cows, and putting down new sawdust.  A new calf was born on Monday, and I spent some time visiting with her.  A few of us were also aloud to have a milk break when the barn became too crowded, and we got to drink a cup of milk straight out of the huge tank.  

Highlight of the day: I found out that there would be a basketball game on Wednesday, against the Academy team.  This news was really exciting to me because I was going to be able to watch two teams that I knew well play against each other.  I couldn’t wait to see familiar faces from home show up at this new place which I had slowly been getting accustomed to, it was just an unusual but cool situation. 



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